Friction Welding Machine

Metals are welded in their solid states in this process. Using frictional heat generated viarelative rotation with axial pressure applied at the same time, the surfaces of the work pieces are heated up to a plasticity state and firmly jointed together.
  1. No external heat or additional welding rod is needed. Heat is evenly generated and distributed between the surfaces of work pieces.
  2. The strength of the welding point is greater than the original material(s). The welding is conducted with high accuracy without altering the properties of the original material(s).
  3. No electric arc, spark, smog, or toxicant is produced because no fuel or filling material is necessary at the time of processing, which leads to a better working environment.
  4. Compared to other types of welding, the surface is cleaner because of the shifting and replacement of the surface layer.
  5. Friction welding can be conducted with extremely high efficiency, which makes it especially suitable for automation for mass production.
  6. Friction welding has become one of the most reliable and economical methods of jointing metals. It has been extensively applied in order to reduce the cost of production and improve the quality of welding.
  7. Friction welding can be applied to most engineering materials. Different metals can also be effectively jointed using this method. The relative sliding displacement after welding is minute and can fulfill any testing requirement.
  8. In most cases, the strength of the welding point is equal to or greater than that of the weaker of the two metals jointed.
Friction Welding Machine / AGF-100

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